Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 9th December 2019. Mercury finally leaves Scorpio after an extended transit that began at the start of October. Things can pleasingly speed up.

And the Sun also in Sagittarius forges an awesome link to the planet of change, Pluto. With Mars forging lovely link to Venus and Neptune, some good old fashioned seasonal magic can take hold, with good deeds worth their weight in proverbial gold.

This week begins with Venus and Mars forging a lovely sextile on Monday and Tuesday, which helps to balance our approach to others. Yet, if an existing relationship has wobbled, it can come under intense scrutiny as Venus aligns with Saturn. This is an aspect or influence which can seriously root out the chinks in any association, be it a professional, family or personal involvement. Saturn can bring a gush of glacial air to the relating energies of Venus so it can make us all more focused on the downside, or be more detached or pessimistic about prospects. However, ironically, this aspect can bed down a tie which good potential, by making both parties more mindful of what they gain, and the mutual benefits. But a time to work at our interactions, and not take any one for granted.

With Jupiter continuing a magical angle to Uranus, innovative financial or business approaches could work very well, so if you see a gap in the market for a service that no-one else is offering, then follow your hunches. Mars also forges a really helpful link to Mars, so sustained effort which is well focused could pay off well.

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