Hullo, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th December 2019. Jupiter and Uranus continue a sparkling alliance which pushes us to do different things, but in ways which give us imaginative but tangible results. With Mars sextiling Pluto, willpower should not be an issue, for if we have a well defined target we can push towards it with determination and focus. Ambitions and material hopes are much in focus with Saturn inching towards Pluto.

However, the second half of the week does see some potential variables. First up lovely Venus moves into the friendly and democratic Aquarius. This is the perfect change for the party season ahead, and help many of us to feel that much more sociable. This is also good for gatherings, parties and celebrations.

The Quarter Moon on Thursday in Virgo, and Mercury squaring with Neptune, will need some care. First up the Quarter Moon, which looks like the half Moon in the sky, and is the midpoint between the Full Moon and in this case the Capricorn Solar Eclipse of the 26th. At this time of the year, many of us can feel stretched, and one of the arts of all this plate spinning is to balance what we are prepared and willing to do for others, and what we want for ourselves. This suggests that we need to prioritise.

With Neptune bending the already compromised in detriment Mercury in Sagittarius, fact can once more be stranger than fiction. But to counter act this, we need to handle details very carefully, whether it is around journey's, late Christmas post, contracts or festive arrangements. Not everyone may be very truthful!

However, Sunday sees the Winter Solstice and the Sun returning to Capricorn for the first time in eleven months. This could in its own new alliance with Uranus push us to change things up, whether it is the people we spend the holiday's with, or own thinking about what we hold dear, be it values, people, or more material resources.

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