Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 6th January 2020. This week sees two momentous events, first the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on Friday, and by Sunday, the most powerfully unique line up of planets, all nestling together in Capricorn. This stellium of energy, on two directly opposing sides of the heavens, asks us to balance the more homely, emotional, and nurturing sides of our existences (Cancer) with the powerful, traditional, governmental, material and status side of our situations (Capricorn).

We have already seen the USA launch a raid that killed leading a leading Iranian General in Baghdad Iraq, just as the Sun in Capricorn reached and exact opposition with the USA's Natal Sun. This also coincided with mighty Mars' arrival in Sagittarius, the sign which influences international affairs. Mars is of course the warrior planet, and this unsettling development brings more sharply into focus the simmering tensions between the two countries.

The USA has acted to defend, in a very Cancerian way, suddenly, and unexpectedly, and with real venom. As Saturn and Pluto come together this Sunday, it's the crunch point for an astrological story that has been building for some months. In fact they ARE conjunct all this week and were just one degree apart when the drone attack was launched. Pluto is about absolute power, but also hidden power. Saturn is about discipline. The USA has decided to impose some of theirs.

This astrological week is very, very rare, but Neptune the planet of dreams and spirituality does offer some mitigation, forging as it does lovely angles to the Sun and Mercury and also Venus, for some of this week. This encourages us, where faced by frustration, or overbearing people or situations, a kind of "might is right" approach, to know when to stand our ground, but also where to seek healing and true transformation and peace.

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