Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 13th January 2020. This week begins with us all coming to terms with the fallout from the epic collection of planets in the sign of Capricorn which peaked as last week came to a close. In fact this stellium conjunction continues until Thursday of this week, when the dramatic clash between the energies of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, and the more traditional vibe of Capricorn, and most notably the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto and the Sun, play out their power battle.

Pluto can reveal hidden struggles, and strands which had been building for some time, either consciously or not. Karma will play a big role here, when surpassed behaviour and attitudes can come back to us. Equally this can be a time of transformation, especially if this group of planets impact on our natal charts in any major way.

Anything which no longer serves its purpose, could be torn down, and the process can in some way seem rather ruthless. If we do wish to make changes more consciously, if we can do this in as fair minded a way as possible, this would be very advantageous.

Venus also moves on Tuesday into Pisces where she is exalted. This is a lovely transit, and can be particularly good for people with Water dominated personal horoscopes, but as she angles positively to Uranus the planet of change, this can spark the need for variety in our love life's, so if things have become rather dull and predictable, it is a fine time to be more spontaneous. For single people this could point towards meeting someone in a rather random and unexpected way. Uranus is located in Taurus which governs every day finances. Venus can also attract good things in a material way to us, so being open-minded about the way in which we can attract money into our situations or approaching things in a more novel way, but especially more people orientated manner, can be very helpful.

On Friday Mercury replaces Venus in Aquarius, and this too can be helpful transit. Mercury is also exalted in Aquarius, and some astrologers claim that Mercury is the planet that most closely influences astrology, which is said to be governed by the Water Bearer. Others would argue that the modern ruler of Aquarius Uranus is more in keeping with this noble discipline but either way both planets come into conflict in the last three days of this week. And should we be more impetuous about our resources, and throw caution to the wind as far as our future prospects, invest in get rich quick schemes, perhaps with the encouragement of our friends, it could end in tears. We can also break away from any group or longer term plan which is restrictive or too set.

Friday also sees a Quarter Moon in Libra cautioning us not to lose our personal identities in the pursuit of material or status orientated goals. Equally, it suggests we shouldn't try to hard to please the boss!

However an influence this week which will be most likely less flagged, is the Semi Sextile between Mars and Jupiter, which is progressive and helpful around making bold but well thought through and reasoned moves.

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