Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 3rd February 2020. The week begins with Mercury the planet of talk and thought speeding into the sign of Pisces. In truth this is not the best transit for this planet, which thrives where it can provide crisp logic, and here in the Watery 12th Zodiac sign, it is in Detriment.

Still, despite this it does forge a fantastic link to Uranus through to Thursday, and this combination asks us to be in touch with our intuition when it comes to our decision-making, and hunches could actually pay off really quite well perhaps too around our resources.

Indeed with Neptune also aspecting Jupiter superbly all through the week, this can be a time when we can embrace the more spiritual side of our natures, and understand the collective issues which impact upon us all. More publicity can be expected around the impact of global warming on oceans rivers and lakes in particular.

All this week also sees Mars in a Semi-Sextile with Pluto, and this influence is much more go getting, and after the hazy link that Mars encountered with Venus and Neptune recently a chance to be more buccaneering in our approach.

Friday sees Venus move into the sign of Aries, where it too is in detriment. But the planet of attraction also immediately links with the comet Chiron said to be the wounded healer, and this offers us a great chance to invest energy in a relationship which may have waned, or in revitalising our approach to relating in general.

The Leo Full Moon starts to forge late in the day on the West Coast of America on Saturday, but for most of us the full impact of this will take place on Sunday the 9th and at 7:33 AM GMT at Greenwich.

This Full Moon is particularly fascinating because on the day it occurs not only will Venus be in combination with Chiron, Mercury forges a beautiful link to the North Node in Cancer, and Black Moon Lilith, said to signify hidden desires combines with Neptune, adding a real touch of mystery to proceedings.

Whilst the Moon in Leo is very much about focusing on developing our individuality, and enhancing our identities, with the Sun, the Ascendant and Ceres the android of nurture all in Aquarius, the need to stay tuned to what impacts upon us all is particularly emphasised, so I feel that this Full Moon is a reminder that however much we wish to express ourselves, our connections to others are often what crystallises the best of us.
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