Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 24th February 2020. The week begins with the power of last Sunday's beautiful Pisces New Moon cascading her energy into Monday. This linked potently with both Mars and Uranus, and we are prompted to embrace our intuition when making our decisions. And the chances are we are going to have more than one option, especially around an important matter, and an openness to new ideas, to being flexible, but also by being industrious can help us to achieve a great deal.

Despite Mercury continuing its retrograde in Pisces, it links powerfully to Mars in the first half of the week, and this gives us a chance to articulate our ideas with passion, and persuasion, but we just need to make sure that the details are correct and accurate.

Mercury also forges a beautiful link to the North node, right throughout this week, which can give us some very perceptive insights around trends, be they be about music, food, fashion, or culture.

Venus is however set to be an important player this way. In the first half she forges a plentiful link with Jupiter, one which is best not to get too swept away by, so we need to avoid promising more than we can realistically deliver.

But it's from midweek to Sunday, when she forges a critical angle to Pluto, that we must proceed with care. Venus and Pluto square can see someone promise something financially, which may have some kind of hidden catch. Then again it could be someone very alluring in a more sensual context. If it does feel that you are being charmed to reduce your resistance, just try to figure out what the real motive might be. Equally it's important we are conscious of the things that we can be seduced by.  But this week does give us a great opportunity to tune into our instincts, be very goal orientated, and as long as we are open to change, real progress can be made.

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