Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd March 2020. Week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Gemini. This squares up to the sun in dreamy Pisces. this can make it easier for us to say things more spontaneously, will also blur something out that perhaps is best left unsaid, is rather sensitive, even private or confidential. Then again someone may say something to us which were not expecting. This is not the best the weeks to share an important piece of information with someone we've never really trusted or liked. This Quarter Moon is really the platform for gossip. So proceed with caution.

Ironically the planet of communication Mercury, continues its retrograde and on Wednesday rewinds into the sign of Aquarius, where it's going to be through to 15th March. Obviously it's going to still be important to make sure that we micromanage every single conversation, communication or piece of paperwork that we are involved with, to limit the potential for things to go awry. Positively however Mercury enjoys being in Aquarius a lot more than Pisces, so we may start to make sense of something that has felt down confused or blocked.

Thursday sees Venus glides into the sign of Taurus, one of the two that it governs. She immediately links up with the rebel rousing energies of Uranus, so if you are seeking some kind of opportunity to connect to somebody new, it could happen over the next few days but also in a very unplanned or spontaneous way. It can be exciting, and a fling may follow. Then again in an existing relationship there can be a demand for greater stimulation. So if things have become a little bit dull and predictable, try to rejuvenate the tie by taking the lead in making some imaginative suggestions to spark enjoyment between you and yours. If you are involved in a relationship that has reached the point where it's really becoming very stuffy or oppressive, even controlling, one partner may take the opportunity at this point to walk through the door marked exit.

If there is a big situation in our lives that were contemplating it is though so important to be conscious that from Thursday through to the end of the week, the Sun is going to combine with Neptune. This conjunction can make us very idealistic, even altruistic, and heighten our level of compassion and caring. So if you are somebody who enjoys volunteering, helping those less fortunate, or is a very self-sacrificing person, this can be a very special time. The downside is Neptune can also distort and drain the more physical vitality of the Sun, so for all of us energy could be slightly down, whereas the Sun moves into a wonderful sextile with Jupiter, there may be a long-term plan or scheme which is really proving quite inspirational. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

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