Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 23rd March 2020. The week begins with the Sun forging a stabilising Sextile to Saturn. This is an excellent combination because the Sun in Aries is about new initiatives, energy and drive, and Saturn in Aquarius about how we're going to plan in the longer term, in order to make these come to fruition.

Tuesday sees the potent Aries New Moon, which also combines this year with the healing vibes of Chiron. With Saturn still in the mix, we have an opportunity to rebuild, and plan in a more enlightened way, but Chiron may be saying to us, some of the things that we have taken for granted in modern society, are things that can also cause some issues.

So in particular relation to Covid 19, changes to the environment and global warming, have likely had a factor as much as more traditional foods which are part of the culture in the Far East. What Chiron is saying to us, is how can we heal this, because the 1st Zodiac sign, Aries, is very much about the body, but also about our identities.

The emotional impact of the way that we move forwards is going to be very important to this, and the Square that this New Moon and Chiron forge to the North Node in Cancer, is very much about our emotional direction of travel, and our own personal space and environment may be inhibited by some new initiatives that will be imposed in order to thwart the spread of the virus. With Jupiter Mars and Pluto are all conjunct this week, the potential for this top-down more authoritative instruction and control is obvious. There could also be rather big activity on stock markets. Saturn in the sign of Aquarius is very much about the group, so therefore humanity, but some people will obviously resist acting in a more collective way, and this shows itself through the guise of Uranus in the sign of Taurus, and the two clash, so there will be some push-back against any kind of restrictions. For more information on how this will pan or your zodiac sign or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast or join me at Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

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