You are emotional, adaptable, cautious, loving, sympathetic, protective, moody and unable to let go at times. Your first love is your family. Family comes first for Cancer followed closely by friends, associates and loves. You tend to nurture those around you and there is no sacrifice too large to endure in order to insure that you have and sustain a happy home and family life. You will go to great lengths to defend those you love and do everything in your power to makes your circle of friends happy. You can be moody, so it's very important that you retreat into your own room or place of contentment once in awhile to recharge and rest those sensitive feelings of yours.

You have the ability to rebound from difficulties more successfully than others can. You are very compassionate and you are able to talk to others and put your own problems aside to assist and aid others going through tough times. However, when you are going through those times yourself, you are instantly programmed to retreat and sulk. You might even desire to seek revenge against those who have wronged you (or you perceive to have wronged you). This is not always the case but you find that it's almost impossible to ignore what others motives are. Talk about intuition!  Just take some time when you feel the pain and suffering of others and utilize your communication skills to assist others in solving their own. You have the gift of communication, Cancer, so put it to good use for yourself and for others. You can solve any problems with your words and famous intuition, not by hiding in your room and feeling sorry for yourself. Utilize that strong will to have things your way by not being overly sensitive and emotional. Come from a place of logic, Cancer.  

Since you are gregarious and have a great sense of humor, you are a great asset to any business, organization and your close circle of friends. You make any home a family. Yes, Cancer you are one of a kind!

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