While every year might be the year when dramatic changes can happen, 2014 seems to be a particularly good year for those who are tired of their life right now.  If you’ve been thinking about a new job or you want a new relationship or you just want to improve upon what you already have, you don’t have much longer to wait.  2014 has the energy to push you in a better direction.

But all of this change is going to take more than just the calendar turning.  You also need to do the work in order to see the changes you want to see.  At the same time, there are some signs that will be getting tossed around a bit as they move through the year.  These signs might try to resist change, only to find out that the universe has other plans for them.

To make the most out of 2014, you need to be aware of what’s happening around you.  This is not the year for thinking that you can just ignore what you don’t like and hope for the best.  Instead, you need to start looking at this year as a time when you will become aware of the patterns that have held you back, the habits that have made you tired, and the ways that you have prevented changes from happening.

It can also be helpful in 2014 to think about what is typical for your sign.  For example, if you’re an emotional Cancer, you might want to think about whether your emotions are getting in the way or if you’re holding them back.  When you can understand what your sign is naturally drawn to doing (or not doing), you will then be able to challenge yourself in this new year – and see beyond what’s expected.

2014 is the year when many signs will find themselves in a completely different spot at the end of the year than they did at the start of the year.  Change is not always easy, but it’s certainly something that can bring you to the place you need to be.  When you’re open to things changing, the universe will put you on the exact path you need to be on.

When you are open to this happening, that’s when you won’t have to fight so hard to be happy.

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Article by: Lynda Forman


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