Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 14th April 2014. From Monday to Wednesday, Mercury continues to connect with the Cardinal T-square I told you about last week. To keep a sense of proportion will be absolutely essential. Yet if you are feeling particularly enterprising don't let anyone's pragmatism pulverize your passion. It's important to hold with the free flowing ideas that come up for you.

Tuesday also sees a Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Libra. Because Libra is associated with relating, during the next six months it will be important that we stay mindful of the way we reach out and communicate with others. A lot of the nuances of successful relating is based on the ability to listen, so if you are engaged in a relationship which is proving tricky, just check that what you think you're hearing is really what's being said.

What has been a Cardinal T Square for much of the year, also becomes a Cardinal Grand Square, as Mars' reversal in Libra brings it into the equation. This can lead to a fantastic amount of volatility. Situations which have been "simmering" can become much more explosive. This can be true of in global events, as much as in our personal lives, because there are so many contra-energies competing with one another in a push, pull and stretching way.

Mars is opposite Uranus, but squares Pluto and Jupiter. With Mercury in the mix early week too, you can see that impetuousness is possible, but don't do anything which could endanger your prospects, by being overly rash. The winners in this week will be the people who cool heads, and don't get too sucked into all the raw energy that is going to pulsating around the heavens.

Fortunately there is one fine link that does involve Pluto. And this sees Venus forge a sextile. This is likely to coincide with the recognition of just how valuable someone is in your world, and therefore a deepening of the bond. 

Sunday also sees the astral curtain come down on the week, in a dynamic way, as the Sun makes its way into Taurus. This can be a welcome and earthy counterpoint to all fire that is going to be raging, and help us to look at the things that represent stability, security and foundations. This will be particularly apt as we come to terms with the feistiness of events, earlier in the week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my sitePatrickArundell.com

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