The first sign of the zodiac packs a punch that will make others stand and take notice.  An Aries has the potential to make your day fantastic or make you upset, madder than hell or to make you want to throw them against a wall and kiss the life out of them.

If you know an Aries, you know exactly what I am saying.  If there is someone at your place of business that seems bossy, is always working, gives smart answers, is funny and quick with comments, a little scary, yet... asks how your family is doing and brings you coffee every now and then...chances are they are Fire Sign Aries. 

Two Aries born on the same day may have polar opposite personalities as is with every zodiac sign. An example for you is my friend Amy.  She is born on the same day as myself, March 28th.  She has always been quiet and polite to everyone... always standing in the background.  In our 20's, I could never understand where was her oomph, her Aries I MUST BE NUMBER ONE, her I must roam the world or at least change jobs a lot, knocking everyone's socks off along the way.  

Amy became an accountant.  A career choice that I couldn't understand.  Was Astrology wrong? How could It be that I was never content in a job that required me to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day?  Why did I have to work in jobs that allowed me freedom of expression and had flexible time, yet I put in probably 70 hours a week and was always looking for the next best move.   Well, here is where Astrology was correct..... Amy secured herself a position in Australia with a firm that sends her all over the world and gives her 8 weeks vacation a year.  She has seen places most only dream of....but she does it in a laid back, isn't life great way that this Aries can't relate to as I rush from place to place on the ground and in my mind.  She has all the Aries components, but used them to her advantage differently than myself, thus giving her exactly what she wanted. 

Have you ever seen a woman in a shop waiting to be assisted either with a purchase or a question?  If you see her throw her arms up in the air and walk out... it is because she was being ignored.  Ignoring an Aries is not a good the wrath is swift.  An Aries has to want something very badly to wait in a long line or put up with any type of, what they consider, slight. 

A friend of mine told me years ago that I had to have the right table at the right time in restaurants and that I was a line jumper.  I took offense at the line jumper comment and asked what the hell did that mean?  I didn't cut in front of people, ever! He said that some how, I was able to get appointments with doctors or get my car fixed now, even though the wait was a week.  I explained that is perseverance, a good trait that I believe everyone should have in this world if you want things  He said, “See, it has to be NOW or you lose it.”  No, I explained, I don't lose it...I just go to someone that can take care of it Now. An impatient Aries... that's news!  HA

Aries have magnificent, gigantic hearts and we will blow your mind with how generous we are, when we've got cash and time to spread around.  Money does seem to burn a whole in our pockets if not used promptly... but we'll make more when we realize the roof needs fixing and we have spent everything on a great new outfit and shoes.  Hey, we like to look good and a little leaking roof won't stop an Aries from looking good if they can help it. 

We love food that is either exotic, spicy or gives us that warm homey feeling.  Over indulge? An Aries? Yes! But we catch ourselves and get on the right track again quickly.  If you are a man trying to woo an Aries woman... you have to be something special to get her to notice you.  Buying her cool things and taking her to favorite restaurants will get you in the door.... but you better be funny, open, generous,  intelligent and have an “I'll do anything for her” “fire in you...or you are history. Fast.

In relationships Aries has to be number 1.  Nothing else will do and their unhappiness will be known by all involved.  But, if they feel they are your number 1 priority, you will never find a more loyal, caring partner/friend.  One who will happily take care of you and never stray.  They'll even cook up a storm when their heart is in it.  Aries feel things deeply and though you may think they are ignoring you or not taking you seriously, they are taking in everything you say and do.  That watchful sense, keeps them safe. Having an Aries as a friend, lover, partner, colleague will enrich your life and you will never, ever forget them. An Aries won't let you!

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