A lot of us remember with fondness or a cringe...the utter excitement mixed with expectation over who in our class would present us with a Valentines Day Card.  All the while thinking hard about who we would give our tiny heart shaped cards to...those little magical cards that came in a big box. 

The waiting, wondering and feeling crushed, though not showing it to your friends, when the boy you had hoped and dreamed about didn't put you on his card list.  The happiness when those that received the coveted cards were either passing it around for everyone else to envy or freaking out because they got one alright...from the person they hated.  

As a child, you recovered quickly and were on to making St. Patrick's Day shamrocks quickly, probably so the teacher wouldn't have to deal with all the little broken hearts....boys and girls.   As a teenager the cards go by the wayside, but the waiting and wondering stays the same.  Recovering goes from colorful little drawings to a day at the mall with your friends, all the while discussing why he didn't declare his undying love or why she doesn't give him the time of day. 

Young adulthood gets you into 'the real' swing of Valentines Day.  If you are single, you simply act like the day doesn't exist.  If you are dating or are in the throws of an early relationship ladies go all out on perfect outfits, hair, tan, etc., and wonder what magical way he will show his admiration. The young man has to rack his brain to figure out the perfect way to celebrate the 'occasion'.  If they choose the wrong restaurant, the wrong flowers, the wrong gift, don't say the right thing....oh, the agony of wondering if they can pull it off!

Being in a relationship or single may bring about some of the following statements:  I hate Valentine's Day.  It's commercialized. Flowers are too expensive, don't buy them. Restaurants are too crowded. A card will do. Don't waste money buying me anything. I'm on a diet. All true for the most part. You probably have a few of your own to add to that list, but do we really mean these words with our hearts?  Probably not, but we are adults now and shouldn't want to engage in 'trivial' displays of love and affection?  Sensible, yes.  Fun, not so much.

No matter what our budget, station in life, Zodiac Sign or length being in a partnership from 1 day – 50 years or that cool flirtation stage...we all would love that little surprise. That one rose, that mushy text, that funny card, that wink, that special something...but can we finally admit it without our brains chiming in and wrestling our wonder away.  This Aries is telling her brain to shut it for Valentine's Day.  I'm letting my Sagittarius partner know he can use his fantastic imagination and I shall use mine. Life is too short, so I, for one, am going to wait and wonder with all my heart.

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