The week begins with Venus and Neptune continuing their square which began towards the end of last week. This is one of those aspects were fact can be stranger than fiction, and an a sense of unreality can seem to envelop all sorts of situations where sensitivities are concerned.

Another aspect to run on from last week is the opposition between Mars and Uranus which continues until Friday. Once more this brings up the potential for arguments, impatience and challenges where people feel unrecognized, unacknowledged or unappreciated. After all Mars is the planet of ego, but Uranus can also see people rebel against the person perpetrating their ego too strongly. Combustible events are possible and the need for freedom and independence can heighten.

Indeed the potential for conflict is ramped up even higher because of the opposition between the Sun and tiny Pluto, which goes on all week. This is one of those aspects which reminds us of the need of an awareness to who holds the power in situations. There may be one situation you're involved with where you start to resist some kind of control or hold that someone has had upon you. Equally you need to be aware of your own motives and how you treat others. One of the key pieces of astrological advice with this aspect is to avoid areas of your locality which are known to have higher crime, or other law and order issues. If you are traveling to somewhere new, also be mindful of such considerations.

The Quarter Moon on Saturday occurs in Libra. Now it is not conjunct Mars, being around about 6° away but nevertheless we need to remain conscious that the volatility of Mars through this Quarter Moon which can feed into the Sun. The suggestion with this aspect is that where tender emotional relationships are concerned you may experience someone who is moody, out of sorts or more difficult than usual to deal with.

However, the week does end on a spectacularly bright note with Venus forging a super link to Uranus. This suggests that some sort of event or possibility can come to the fore completely out of the ether but one that can prove delightful. For example, someone may contact you to ask for a date, or set up a social night out. Equally as possible is a spontaneous conversation which can prove to be really interesting and there could be a hint of romance in this. However this will be some fleeting passion rather than something long-standing is another matter. What is true is that in an existing close relationships we should all try to provide some kind of extra stimuli to reinvent the magic we first felt when we first met our partner.   For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my

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