Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 21st July 2014.   

The week begins with Uranus, the planet of independence beginning a retrograde journey in Aries. Over the next 5 1/2 months we are going to be asked to investigate our relationship to dependency, fixed attitudes and patterns, and the orthodox. Although this retrograde can be challenging it can also be positive if we can become more aware of how we respond around these things.

From Monday to Wednesday Mercury continues its opposition to Pluto. If you remember last week this came into effect on Sunday. This is one of those aspects where someone can take on a holier than thou approach, so it's important for all of us to understand our own desire to get our view point’s heard, and avoid making the mistake of being overly opinionated.

However the most wonderful influence this week is undoubtedly the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter. This goes on all week in the sign of Leo, and this can bring about a real sense of optimism, renewal, energy, creativity and positivity. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and of course the Sun is the heart of our whole life force. This is the first time this influence has occurred for 12 years, so do be proactive in making it work for you personally.

On Friday Mars the planet of individuality, ego, drive and instant gratification, moves after eight long months in Libra, into the sign of Scorpio. Mars is also the co-ruler of Scorpio, and for the next 50 days or so, is going to espouse a very passionate vibe. If you want to increase the intimacy in a romantic relationship this will certainly help. However, we must also be aware of the more ruthless side of Mars in Scorpio, and resist any temptation towards vengefulness when we don't get our own way. Holding onto grievances, bearing grudges, and seeing things in very much black-and-white terms are the downsides of this particular transit.

Saturday however sees a wonderful Leo New Moon, still embracing Jupiter, so a great chance to do something dramatic, impressive and even showy. Have a fantastic week. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site.... PatrickArundell.com

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