Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 28th July 2014.   

The week begins with the Sun and Jupiter still in conjunction. If you remember this fabulous planetary aspect dominated last week. However, it is just going to be at the very start of this week when it still at its strongest influence. Use this to springboard your new week with real verve, and panache.

From Tuesday through to Sunday Venus forges a very stable link in Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio. Now when these two planets get together in a less positive way, it can be a relationship breaker. However in this instance if there is one particular tie shaping up well in your world, the chances are can go from strength to strength. A financial issue can also improve.

Yet there is a supreme irony this week, because whilst this very positive influences in play Venus also forges a much less helpful link to Uranus this points towards board creeping into a tie that perhaps is become too predictable. Look to try to find new ways to reinvigorate your key partnership. It may be that one if you will want more space than the partner during this time.

On Thursday Mercury plays catch up, moving to join both the Sun and Jupiter in Leo. Now because of the retrograde which occurred in June, Mercury has gone back and forwards across the sign of Cancer since the end of May. It is actually a really good thing that it's emerging into the sign of Leo, because Mercury is the planet which influences intellect, talk and thought, and business communications. In Cancer it's far too subjective, but as it glides into Leo it's a chance to be much more outgoing, to take the initiative and get on the front foot.

Though Mercury immediately links with Jupiter. So if we think about Mercury control in commerce, and Jupiter fortune, and the sign of Leo being controlled by the Sun, it wouldn't be a surprise if there was some good financial news creeping into play around the worlds markets, or some kind of dramatic events can occur. If you love the arts, going to watch plays, musicals or live bands, you will be in your absolute element.

Yet Mars lays in wait in Scorpio, ready to square at both these planets. In the case of Jupiter this can actually be quite a positive thing. It can make us more risk taking, self-confident, and less fearful. The downside is that this can go all the way to recklessness, and this is something we need to avoid. Mars and Mercury clashing is desire, competing with logic.

Yet Mars does forge a very positive link as this week draws to a close with Neptune, the planet of dreams. Neptune is a shimmering mysterious entity, can sometimes in its relationship with Mars cause confusion, which runs all the way to the deceit, even theft. But here the drive of Mars can be used to do something compassion and caring for other people like a charity run, or fund raising effort. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site.... PatrickArundell.com

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