Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 1st September. 

The week begins with Mercury spinning into the sign of Libra. The first Decan of Libra that it occupies is ruled by the Moon, so Mercury in this location and alone aided by the Air element of the sign, still needs to be conscious of the need to communicate but not just with clarity but also with emotion.

However from Monday to Saturday there is a very intense but potentially positive angle a Trine between the two Earth located planets, of the Sun and Pluto. A Trine is enabling, and the potential for change but in a positive way, and lasting and tangible one due to the Earth element, is very good. Of course not all Pluto’s influence comes at our own choice, and sometimes alterations are forced upon us. But whether you’re transforming some thinking inside of yourself, or something is changing around you or something seems to be taken out of your hands, try to be philosophical about the movement in your situation.

Tuesday sees a potent Quarter Moon between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius. Virgo is very much about service and practicality, whilst Sagittarius is very much about freedom and independence. Yet they are both mutable signs so a degree of flexibility suggests this is one of the Quarter Moon’s that is more survivable, but there may be some compromises to be struck between what we want to do for yourselves and what we need to do for others.

Friday sees glam puss Venus end it’s sojourn through the sign of Leo, and move to Virgo. This is all about finding ways to please and help, as a good way to soothe and smooth any personal or professional relationships. But this certainly not as charismatic as Venus moving through Leo, but there is a sincerity and stability to this transit. Yet by the very end of the week Venus does start to edge into an opposition with the dreamy and illusive energies of Neptune. If there is anyone you have been getting to know of late, some confusion could creep into the tie, particularly if it’s developed a bit quicker than perhaps it should have done. For the full inside track, please watch the FREE video or visit my site... PatrickArundell.com

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