Oh, Capricorns.....what an extraordinary breed! A wonderful mix of loving, intense, purposeful, loyal, steadfast, and curious. Those few traits barely scratch the surface of what makes a Capricorn so amazingly special.

To lead the pack through the worst situations and ensure that everyone comes out with barely a bruise is a goal that Capricorns accomplish with ease, even with major turns or twists in the road. Some may not see past this brave warrior, but the few who do, know exactly where the heart is beating.

Having a Capricorn as your best friend and lover will leave even the most doubting of our species feeling secure for a lifetime. Home is where Capricorns show their love of stability and comfort and nothing dare rock their piece of heaven.... if someone tries, they will rue the day.

Feeling loved and cared for enables a Capricorn to give their all to their professions, thus the amazing amount of Capricorns that have changed the lives of millions. Michel de Nostradomus, Conrad Hilton, Rod Serling, Mao Tse Tung, Louis Pasteur, J. D. Salinger, Joan of Arc, Edgar Allen Poe, are just a few memorable Capricorns. All had one thing in common---a determination to succeed that could not be broken by anything or anyone.

Some perceive a coolness from Capricorns and they couldn't be more correct! Of course, it is not meant in a cruel way, it is simply their demeanor when there are mountains of tasks that must be completed, NOW, preying on their ever full minds. There are those that may use their aloofness to keep people at a distance. While only a defense mechanism, it can lead Capricorns to have only a small circle of close friends. Those are very lucky people, indeed.

The walls are put up for the Capricorns own protection. Protection from being exposed as a soft touch with a heart of gold. Those that get beyond the barrier know the kindness and sense of duty outweighs any perceived slight.

Success follows Capricorns from the moment they grace the world with their presence. You can feel the determination oozing out of them as small children and that lasts until their last day on earth.

Sure, they make it look like things fall into their lap, but it's with scores of background work that they accomplish what they set out to do. Never underestimate a Capricorn, they will surprise you at every turn with a new and innovative idea which you never saw coming. If they seem stiff, know they are just trying not to make a faux pas. They want to be perfect for you.

The massive research they do is to make darn sure they have all the facts and their natural skepticism is what keeps them from making costly mistakes. Being practical may seem mundane to many signs, but a Capricorn is far from boring and proves it when they decide to let loose with their quick wit and urge to party hard.

Volumes can be written about the wonders of being a Capricorn. But, the best way to get to know the elusive goat is to get close enough to witness the magnificence yourself.

Geri Durso

Article courtesy of Patrick Arundell of PatrickArundell.com

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