Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 15th September. The week begins with Mars getting a toehold in the sign of Sagittarius. If you tuned in last time you'll know that the planet switched signs last Sunday. Mars in Sagittarius is one of its happiest locations and it's going to immediately merge in terms of neat energies with the potency of the ruler of Sagittarius Jupiter, insofar as this is the Zodiac signs' double ruler in its first Decan, which Mars will navigate through, right to the end of the month.

If you are fire sign, be it Aries Leo or Sagittarius itself, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to really rev up your efforts. Yet this week also begins with Venus influential and it forges two alliances, one in the first half of the week with Pluto, and the other from Friday to Sunday with Saturn. Now it is true to say that Saturn and Pluto are the most strategic of all the outer Zodiac signs. And the suggestion here is that relationships can go through a period of evolution. Any time that has positive roots, can get stronger. But equally you can find yourself becoming much more conscious of someone, that you may have taken more for granted up until now.

Yet with from midweek Mars clashing with Neptune, if there's someone you're strongly drawn to in a more sexual context you need to be absolutely sure what you're getting into. Someone may seem very enticing but this could be a time which could lead to problems, not least around a potential beau's motives and sincerity.

On Tuesday there is also a Quarter Moon. This occurs in the sign of Gemini. Its angle with the Sun in Virgo creates quite an electric energy across the heavens, one that tempts us to be ultra efficient and busy in our approach. Don't try to pack too much into this week because if you do you may find yourself becoming rather stressed if you don't get everything done quite as you wish.

Perhaps the standout influence of the week in terms of innovation, is the continuing link between Jupiter and Uranus. This really is sparkle central, fantastic if you're dreaming up brilliant ideas, wanted to work yourself, love technology, or want to get busy on any home based you are f please watch the FREE video or visit my site PatrickArundell.com

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