The week begins with Jupiter and Uranus continuing their sparkling alliance, however they are going to be joined by Mars from Thursday helping to create a quite unique and uncommon, Grand Fire Trine. This is one of the most auspicious of all multiple planetary influences, and as you can imagine because of the Fire element there is fantastic potential for initiating ideas and taking action. 

Tuesday also sees Venus move into one of its two home zones, of Libra. The next 28 days are going to put a greater emphasis on fashion, design, and style. Also Venus's move into this sector can see diplomacy increase, and there is much to be gained by reaching out to others and trying to improve links through greater co-operation and collaboration. 

Wednesday's Quarter Moon occurs in the sign of Capricorn. It's a cautionary note to remind us to remember the importance of sincerity. Venus can, in its extremes, mask true feelings behind a veneer of pleasantness. So it is going to be important to walk the talk when it comes to your intentions and not try to gloss things over. 

With the Sun powering its way through Libra, it also starts to link up with both Mars and Jupiter. All of this can be very exciting and very energising too. The upside of Libra is the desire for fairness, social justice and equality, we are likely to see announcements made or initiatives begun around these areas.

By Saturday however, Mercury begins the third of its three annual retrogrades, in the sign of Scorpio. This is going to continue for the following ten days before the planet rewinds back into the sign of Libra. This is a reminder that however buoyant this week's influences are, we also need to be mindful that as is in everything in life, nothing is perfect and to counter the potential for its negativity it will be important to make sure that we take care over the things we can influence on an individual basis. 

There is also a clash between the Sun and Uranus which begins on Saturday which is going to run on into next week too. Despite all the vibrancy that we have this week this can create some rebelliousness and some challenges - especially if the status quo is in the process of changing. Some people will be driving these changes other people will resist them. But on the whole this week does represent an extremely bright, bubbly, and vibrant opportunity for greater self-expression and progress, particularly around creative pursuits. For more, please watch my FREE video or visit my

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