Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 6th October.

The week begins with the Sun in Libra along with Venus. But the sparkling influences that were shaping up last week continue throughout the duration of this one. A wonderful Grand Fire Trine - as well as the Sun's angle to both Jupiter and Mars, can certainly create a sense of optimism and hopefulness.

Yet Wednesday sees a Lunar Eclipse in Aries, one which combines with the restless spirit which is planet Uranus. Now Eclipses work in polar pairs and this one ties in with the Solar Eclipse of 23rd of October in Scorpio. So, what can we expect from this in the next six months? 

Well, the energy of Uranus in the Lunar Eclipse, promotes the concept of freedom and independence. Whilst the Solar Eclipse is more about being mindful of the responsibilities in close alliances. We can see this energy being played out in the outcome of the Scottish independence campaign, but also the push for power of Isis, as well as the battle for control of eastern Ukraine. Whichever way power ebbs and flows it will create consequences on these consequences will not necessarily be as edifying as the original objectives demanded. Uncertainty in the financial sector seems possible and continuing desire for "rights" for minorities from more controlling interests or powers.

On Saturday Mercury, continuing its retrograde, reverses back into the sign of Libra. This suggests that keeping dialogue is open and as fluid as possible, is going to be important for us all. However set any situation may have seemed, there is still going to be plenty of opportunities for further discussion, give-and-take and co-operation.

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