Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 3rd November. Monday and Tuesday sees two aspects run from last week, in the shape of Venus Sextile Pluto and Mercury Sextile Jupiter. The latter will add some much needed levitation and sparkle to what is otherwise an incredibly Scorpionic week.

But let's first start with that Venus Pluto Sextile. Venus is principally known for its romantic dimension, however, in this context especially its links with finance are also very important. This can be a time when good relationships can be very positive as far as financial transformations are concerned. But with the Sun forging a Sextile to Pluto itself from Monday through to Friday this can also be a time when all sorts of things can be in a state of flux, but not necessarily a negative state of flux. If we think that Pluto is the planet of power, and especially in the sign of Capricorn, its link to the Sun suggest that our appreciation of situations in terms of the politics of the people concerned and how we relate to those situations or make any changes within ourselves, can all be highly relevant.

Thursday turns out to be also a very important day this week. Not only is there a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus, which broadly emphasizes making sure that we balance our in and outgoings, on the same day Mars goes conjunct Pluto in Pluto and this will run on until the end of the week, and beyond. This is one of the most fascinating of all planetary combinations, for both planets are the co-ruler's or code Regents of the sign of Scorpio, of course at least in the case of Mars going to be linking back to the Sun in Scorpio along with Pluto for the next three days. So this undoubtedly can be a time when people's willpower and determination can be incredibly high. This can be very, very positive in terms of achieving goals and targets. Focus is probably going to come more easily. What is less appealing about this aspect is that it can see us tempted to be rather ruthless in pursuit of goals and ambitions, to the point of taking reckless chances, shortcuts, being dishonest, unlawful or exploiting the weaknesses of others. So whether you find yourself having to fend off someone else being inappropriate or control your own attitudes and efforts, this will be a critical phase.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury moves back into the sign of Scorpio too. Now, if this rings something of a bell it's because Mercury moved into Scorpio on 28th September. However, by the 4th of October it had gone into retrograde, moving back into the sign of Libra on the 11th, before emerging from the retrograde on the 25th, and now finally coming back to Scorpio. Now, it's going to be Monday before Mercury goes back to the exact position it was when the retrograde began, but it is possible that you will see evidence of any situation which has seemed to have been bogged down by interminable delays, finally start to resolve itself, and hopefully by the end of this week.
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