Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 15th December, 2014.

Last week's Quarter Moon which occurred in Virgo, runs over into this week and provides a backdrop of energy for six of the seven days of this week. Here the virtuous Virgo clashes with the freedom loving Sagittarius, so this is why is important not to volunteer to do things which will compromise our own basic needs, whilst at the same time remaining openhearted to this season of goodwill.

From Monday to Wednesday sees a brilliant angle between the Sun and Jupiter. This is one of the best of all astrological aspects, and confers extra energy, optimism and even potentially a slice a good fortune to those who work hard in exploiting their talents.

Wednesday also sees Mercury moving to Capricorn. Here Mercury can be very happy because this is the planet of commerce as much as communication, and it enables us all to sharpen up our thinking about finances, business matters and anything to do with property.

Wednesday to Sunday also sees Uranus forge a very important link to Mars. This is quite a radical connection, which favours going with our hunches but particularly around anything which is groundbreaking or innovative. If you find yourself with a decision to make don't ponder this too long, otherwise an opportunity may whiz by.

From Thursday to Sunday however, Venus is combining with Pluto, and both square up to Uranus. Whereas Uranus can be very much a force for good in its angle with Mars, this is a more challenging aspect. First up Venus and Pluto. When these two get-together in a conjunction it can certainly raise the temperature in matters of the heart. You may find yourself feeling more amorous, and more driven to indulge your senses. But equally Uranus could see us do something that is more reckless, which rocks the boat, and is more challenging to social norms and expectations. If you find yourself at a wild Christmas party, and suddenly tempted by a sultry clinch, but not with your partner, just be conscious of what the consequences could be. Venus and Pluto combining can make someone you encounter very, very persuasive, but often this can cover up base needs.

From Friday through to Sunday, Mercury forges a sextile with Neptune. This suggests imagination and flair can be just as important as hard-headed business logic when it comes to making progress around key goals and ambitions. The combination of the two can make us intuitive yet also sensible.

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