Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 5th January, 2015.
The week begins with one of the most potent Full Moons I can recall with the Moon in Cancer, opposing the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto, and both in turn squaring to Uranus. This really does suggest some serious push and pull in situations, and the balance of power could be at stake in close relationships, where a willful rebelliousness can come to the fore. 

The Sun continues to combine with Pluto through to Wednesday, and as this aspect takes place in the powerful Capricorn, what is at stake here is a challenge to orthodoxy, the state, or authority, or a repression of that challenge by the state. 

Fortunately, the love in between Mercury and Venus continues and this can help to create some perspective, and urges all concerned to focus on the benefits of cooperation. In fact by the end of the week Uranus becomes a force for good, as it angles itself to Mercury and Venus really well, suggesting the potential for innovative solutions, unexpected invites, or fresh perspectives. For more on your personal Zodiac Sign, please watch my FREE video or visit my site:  PatrickArundell.com

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