The Gemini born are so multifaceted, they can make your head spin---in a wonderful, life changing way.  Intelligence oozes out of every sentence and there is nothing that will grab the attention of a Gemini quicker than you being up on current affairs and history. They absolutely Love to discuss, debate and take in your views. They may think their take on a situation is correct, and they just might let you know, but it is meant as way to teach you. Gemini's love to teach as well as learn.

Years ago, I was beginning to date a Gemini who I believed, rightly, was much more worldly than I was at the time. He was a wealth of knowledge about things I had never come across, so I did what any enterprising Aries would do, I drove to his town and bought all the local papers. I read about all the issues in his area and went armed with 4 topics to our first dinner. Sure as hell, he was so impressed that I was aware of the political goings on and my views on proposed housing developments, that he fell head over heals for me that night. Yep....he was intrigued to say the least!

It was an interesting time for me and I will always think back fondly on his choice of gifts for me. Books.  Books that he liked. Books he thought would teach me. Books he liked. Books for birthday presents, Christmas, anniversaries. I asked him what he would think if I gave him a CD full of disco music for all his gifts. He didn't get the point, even in an Aries fit of temper, when I threw a load of them onto the street. He couldn't understand my need for more personal gifts....didn't I want to learn? It drove me nuts and instead of lighting a fire using the books for kindling, I dumped him and sold the books on Ebay. We are friends to this day and he says dating an Aries was 'never boring'. (I've heard that a lot)

Always busy, always something to do, always somewhere to go...that is the life of a Gemini. Traveling the world, even if that is only in their mind. A thirst for newness never leaves them for long. So, if you are looking to hook up with a Gemini, you better be ready to try new things and relish change. Change in surroundings, if only for a few hours make them feel alive. Unusual and erotic foods call to Gemini, whether just new spices and a different way to make a hamburger, they must have their palates challenged as well as their minds. 

All business one minute and as playful as a child the next, makes them irresistible to many other star signs. If you want a witty conversation, Gemini is your person!  Double entendres are nothing... they are masters of the triple and if you can take the heat, you will enjoy the exchange. 

Sure, nerves will some times get the best of them and can manifest in dark moods. Find something marvelous to take their mind off any woes and they will come around. Tell them how great they look and young for their age (true) and they are putty in your hands. You have to keep them on their toes to ensure their interest in you doesn't wane. That is easily accomplished by keeping yourself up to date and having interests of your own.

Look at some of the famous Geminis; Angelina Jolie, John F. Kennedy..... both of those examples pretty much give you a good insight into the Gemini personality. Anything can happen! They are never tied down, even if married or in a committed relationship. They would explode if they had to stay home all day and never get to interact with people. They like being praised, even if it's just for their perfect peppered chicken and choice of vintage wine.  

There are a million things to learn from a Gemini and if you get the opportunity, brush up on your history, check out CNN and get ready for one hell of a ride.
Geri Durso

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