Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 26th January, 2015.  

The week begins with Mars separating from is conjunction with Neptune which is run on for the previous 10 days, or so. However, this can create a greater clarity in terms of our goals and energy and less confusion, distortion, discouragement, enervation, and even dishonesty all of which have, potentially been to the fore during this period.

However Neptune does remain influential this week, continuing as it does in a broad square with Saturn. This will be relatively subtle, and broad right angle from Neptune in Pisces will lap away at the shores of Saturn in Sagittarius. With both signs mutable, this can also be a rather discouraging influence – especially where there is any situation in your life where you are unsure of where you stand. The not knowing can be as bad, as far as any anxieties are concerned.

Structures that we have depended upon – Saturn, can be eroded especially where the is an inability to take responsibility. Cyber, political or religious terrorism would be classic indicators of this particular aspect because they are so insidious.

Mercury also continues to rewind this week, in the sign of Aquarius, but it does forge a great link with Uranus, the modern code ruler of this sign. Though Mercury retrograde can of course be tricky in itself this combination points towards innovation, far sighted ideas, and the ability to understand in our own lives where we have become too dependent, and lack a more independent view on our approach the things.

On Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Taurus. This reminds the Sun in Aquarius the importance of tangibility around any unusual ideas but does provide a backdrop for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees Venus glide into Pisces. In this location Venus is exalted, and the combination it forges with Neptune through to the end of the week is truly quite beautiful. This can bring into focus the arts, performance, culture, and rather sensual loving. If you are fortunate enough to have met someone recently and things are really chiming between you, the chances are things will hot up on the back of this aspect. If however the confusion that Mars Neptune brought to bear has led to an uncertainty in your love life, or you meet someone this week who runs more on the mysterious rather than the tangible side, do proceed with caution.

With Mercury and the Sun combining in a conjunction in the second half of the week, the vibes of Aquarius are amplified even more. When these two get-together it can lead to really quite ingenious developments, but equally you can point towards making hasty decisions on limited information, and with Mercury still in retrograde that something we should be mindful of.

Finally, as the week draws to a close the Sun itself forges a brilliant angle to Uranus. Once more me may find ourselves hearing about scientific breakthroughs, novel software applications, and developments of infrastructure that can aid person kind. But they can also be erratic developments, sudden switchbacks, and U turns in people’s approach or attitudes.

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