Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd February, 2015.  

Last week’s beautiful encounter between Venus and Neptune goes until Wednesday. Remember this can point towards true love, or at least the idea of being in love with love, so proceed cautiously but with an open heart. 

Tuesday sees an intense Full Moon in the sign of Leo and both this and the Sun angle back positively to the planet of freedom of Uranus. This suggests that there could be some sparky encounters in the following days where people battle for control or at the very least independence. Some of these battles may be non-combative and generally very subtle whilst others can be really full on. With Mercury tracking backwards in Aquarius still, it's going to be important not to get too caught up in fixed attitudes. Why? Well both Aquarius and Leo have a fixed quality, and therefore flexibility will help to ease the way.

Fortunately, the retreating Mercury does forge a fantastic link with Saturn for the whole of the week. Saturn can act as a kind of anchor, and whilst inevitably there will be some misunderstandings, technology failures, or mixed signals, if we really put our minds to it we can actually gain something from their alliance, despite Mercury's retrograde.

The second half of the week sees the Sun and Jupiter in opposition, and both the signs of Aquarius and Leo come to the fore again within this. This can be one of the most upbeat and positive of influences, but also can lead to boring behaviour, bragging, claims that lacks substance, and where people generally try to big themselves up. So wherever possible it is going to be important to feel confident but also be mindful of the needs of anyone else we are speaking to. Proceed carefully around speculative schemes.

Finally Venus moves on from Neptune midweek but engages the deep energies of Pluto. This is possibly one of the most sexual of influences, and can raise passions in a committed relationship that perhaps is run into a period of routine. But equally the dreamy vibes of earlier in the week can be converted to something more tangible in terms of sensual action. As ever it's always important to understand the terms of reference in any relationship of this intimacy, and for there to be an equal agreement about how it should be conducted. If this is lacking there is the potential for using and abusing under the auspices of this aspect. Fortunately, the logical energy of Aquarius, and its humanitarianism can help to counteract some of this more negative potential. 

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