Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 9th February, 2015.  

The week begins with the opposition between the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo, that runs on from last week, still much to the fore. This is certainly a bouncy influence, but it will just be in full affect on Monday. Tuesday marks the last of the three week retrograde of Mercury Aquarius. Yet when the planet start to rewind it was 17 degrees. Now it is just 1 degree Aquarius. And whilst its starts to go forwards on Wednesday and many glitches can melt away, it won’t be until the 4th of March before Mercury goes to 17 degrees Aquarius and any more complex glitches finally fully unravel. Pleasingly this week, Mercury does forge a broad but helpful link to Saturn. This will tighten up next week, but this aspect is going to be very helpful in organising our thought processes and especially around any future orientated activities.    

Venus and Mars do continue in the sign of Pisces, and whilst not actually in contact in the earlier part of the week, Venus particularly, is helpful in this sign, especially for any artistic or creative pursuits. Mars is less so, so we need to work at keeping motivation going. Thursday sees a Quarter Moon in Scorpio. With this and the Sun Fixed signs, flexibility is the keyword here. Stubborn resistance to doing anything new or different so be resisted and broad terms this can throw into relief any politics percolating around groups of people, circles of friends etc, and suggests we need to stay business like around financial dealings, not get too caught up in idealism.

Of course the end of the week, Saturday 14th to be precise sees Valentine’s Day. And Venus and Mars conspire to close up into a three degree conjunction for the big day.  In fact they are going to be pretty well side by side (though across two different zodiac signs) through to early March. So a rather interesting time for relationships and finances (Venus rules both) is in store.   

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