Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th February, 2015.  

All week Mercury continues to forge a fantastic angle to Saturn. This influence, running on from last week, is perfect for structuring of our thinking in a really meaningful and exacting way. Precision can be linked to gaining knowledge, research, and communications with person kind. We need to mean what we say, and say what we mean under this influence.

From Monday to Wednesday the Sun continues in the sign of Aquarius and there is also the second new Moon of the month in this sign on Wednesday, the rare Black Moon which provides encouragement to any group cooperative or collaborative activities that we engage ourselves in.

All week Venus and Mars are in tandem but across two different the Zodiac signs. Initially they continue their journey through Pisces but then switch into Aries on Friday and Saturday, with Mars ingress in the first and Venus second. The combination of these two, is obviously an opportunity to improve social and romantic prospects but equally to balance the masculine and feminine principles within whatever way trying to do in other words fine-tune our output.

Thursday sees the Sun power into Pisces, for the first time in eleven months. This is the last of the twelve zodiac signs and represents the accumulation of the Sun's journey through the previous eleven signs. Pisces has a reputation for being meditative, gentle, creative, artistic, changeable, and sometimes indecisive. But there are many captains of industry that are Pisces people, not least because of the inherent flexibility of this sign, and the ability to surf office politics skilfully.

However, as much as Saturn is forging a really constructive link to Mercury, it forges a more challenging one to the Sun, right through to the end of the week and beyond the right angle created can be a block to progress, a limitation and create a degree of frustration and obstacles. This is not a good time to overburden ourselves with objectives and goals and ambitions that are going to be hard to see through. Be realistic in assessing your talents and where they can be applied. It's going to be important to walk the straight and narrow when it comes to any legalistic issues, or the rules of the country or state that you live in. There can be a tendency with this combination to exaggerate issues or to amplify their true meaning due to vague fears or suspicions.

However, as Mars arrives in the sign it governs on Friday, it's going to be much more comfortable in its transit through Aries, in the following six weeks. Your energy or motivation have been affected in the past six weeks it really wouldn't be a surprise. Now he is going to help to fire us all up in a new cycle, which will be reinforced at the time the spring Equinox on 21st of March. But this can be an interesting end to the week, one which can prove fast moving and fascinating too. 

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