Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd March, 2015. 

All this week Jupiter is trine Uranus, suggesting ideas, scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs can be to the fore. If you are someone who is particularly ingenious or creative this part of your nature can flourish too. However from Monday to Wednesday, Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter so care is going to be needed to back up plans and ideas with thorough research. 

Overconfidence or reading the reactions of others wrongly can cause issues.  Perhaps the most impactful influence this week is Venus’s passage over Uranus and their square to Pluto. This can lead to a rejuvenation or extra spark in a long standing romantic tie, but with Pluto in on the act too, if there has been a lot of politics washing around in the background be aware these may come to the surface in quite a powerful way. Also if anyone springs a surprise request  on you - for example at work,  if they are particularly charming they may have an ulterior motive and be wanting to gain some kind of advantage. This can also be true financially.  

Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo is also fascinating suggesting that the balance between practical issues or more spiritual ones can also require some attention. Once more Pluto links to this but this time in a more positive way. With Saturn also broadly squaring Neptune this week, energy will be at a premium. Finally, the weekend sees Mars start to conjunct with Uranus and tempers can run high.

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