Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 23rd March, 2015.

The Sun Trines up with Saturn this week. Now this is not one of your powerhouse aspects in terms of slices of good fortune but it is a solid one, and can enable to plan thoroughly, execute tasks with care and precision, and where we have really worked hard or are prepared to do so, it can lead to lasting results. This aspect is less about showing flair and creativity, but perfect for slogging away at the details. Because Saturn in Sagittarius is very much about learning, facts and knowledge the key to success with this is to make sure that we are well informed.

Monday to Thursday also sees Venus in a nice Sextile with Neptune. Do you believe in true love? Well this is one of those aspects which can reinforce the notion or at least create the sense of being in love with the idea of love. Ironically Venus features again in a square from midweek with Jupiter. This is one of those Squares which can actually be very pleasant, but it can make us lazier, and more inclined to duck out of the responsibilities that the Sun and Saturn want us to embrace. As long as we are not too indulgent, and overdo the rich foods, sugar and alcohol this can one to savour.

Finally on Friday there is a Quarter Moon in Cancer. This suggests that the driven, more direct energies of the Sun in Aries (where it is exalted) can be affected by a lack of sensitivity or conversely rather too much.

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