Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th March, 2015. 

Through to Friday Mercury passes over Neptune in Pisces. This can be wonderful for stirring the imagination, listening to music, connecting with the arts, tuning into our hunches or enjoying music or the latest blockbuster release at the movies. However, less positively this aspect can lead to wool gathering, coming up with unrealistic and unworkable schemes, or confusing ourselves or others. Anything around deals, contracts and agreements needs to be handled with great care. If unsure get a second opinion. Be conscious of any desire to be evasive, or being drawn towards any mysterious person with less than obvious motives.

On Tuesday, Venus moves onto one of its two home zones of Taurus. Here she is at her most sensual, and any of life’s pleasures can take on a much greater allure. If you love good food, good wine, or walking in nature, or even enjoying growing your own vegetables and the work this entails, or relish home cooking, the next 28 days are going to be truly delightful. This can also be a fab time for bringing that special closeness back into an existing love relationship.  Money, and materialism can also become more attractive, but then if you are an avid user of whole foods, recycling or making and mending, these too can take on more lustre.

Friday sees a New Moon in Pisces, ideal for tuning into our feelings, and then as Mercury disconnects from Neptune so it angles brilliantly with Pluto and some of the clarity that may have proved elusive earlier in the week can become so much more attainable, with some penetrating insights a real possibility. Saturday also sees the Sun storm into Aries, bringing with him the first day of the Western Tropical Zodiac, and dependent on where you live in the world the Spring or Autumn Equinoxes and new beginnings, fresh possibilities, and the stirring of impetuous.
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