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Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Video Horoscopes.


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  • AbsolutelyPsychic.com - Yearly Video Horoscopes for each of the 12 signs.

  • AskTheAnswer - Your Monthly Horoscope with astrologer Steve Judd.

  • AstroLada - Monthly and Yearly video horoscopes with Astrolada.

  • Astro Veerle - Your yearly video scope with Veerle Debruyne. Videos are in English, Dutch and French.

  • Audrey Alison Astrology & Tarot - Watch your current monthly horoscope or subscribe to Audrey Alison's YouTube Channel.

  • Carolyn Clairvoyant - Monthly Tarotscopes cover your home, family, finances, work, health and well being along with relationships.

  • Cognitive Universe - Weekly Intuitive Tarot Reading by Maria. (Updates Monday)

  • Dadhichi Toth - Your monthly horoscope, astrology and other esoteric topics.

  • FreshAstrology - Monthly updates for each sign of the zodiac by Lee.

  • Gregory Scott - Your monthly horoscope by Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Astrologer Gregory Scott.

  • Kelley Rosano - Your monthly horoscope by astrologer, author and coach Kelley Rosano.

  • Loving Light Astrology - Your monthly video horoscope by astrologer Donna Page.

  • Mama-Maga Astrology - horoscopes with professional healer, intuitive astrologer Maga.

  • Michele Knight - Your Free weekly astrology video with Michele Knight. (Updates Monday)

  • Nadiya Shah - Internationally Syndicated Astrologer, Author, Television and Internet Personality Nadiya Shah brings you your monthly horoscopes.

  • Pamela Georgel - Your Monthly Psychic Tarot Reading by Pamela Georgel.

  • Patrick Arundell
      Weekly Videoscopes
      Monthly Videoscopes
      Yearly Videoscopes

  • pleiadestars - Monthly forecasts by Karen Lustrup.

  • Polina - Polina is a multi talented medium, astrologer and channel. Her insights are natural and come from her own connection to spirit. She doesn't use analysis for her insights but rather channels them through as natural knowledge, using the energy to be the guide, not the doctrine of astrology. Although Polina chooses to use astrology for the basis of her work, her work is interdimensional and she doesn't use any pre written or pre created system apart from the planets themselves. All her work is energy based. She doesn't involve any other beings or guides to create her work. She uses her own inner knowledge and connection to the universe through which she understands - we are all one. I am another you. Check out her site to see her latest videos or visit her YouTube Channel.

  • Psychic Guild - Cosmic Insight for the Week by AstroGirl. (Updates Monday)

  • Readings By Jo - Your latest monthly video forecast by Jo.

  • Rock n Roll Prophetess - Monthly Tarot Scopes by Vickie Verlie.

  • Russell Grant - Russell Grant's Daily and Yearly Video Horoscopes.

  • Scarlet Moon - Weekly Tarot Forecasts and Astrological Monthly Horoscope by Scarlet Moon. (Updates Monday)

  • Tarot by Anisha - Monthly Tarot Forecasts by Anisha.

  • Tarot Tilly - Your Daily focus and Weekly Tarot Reading.

  • The Horoscope Ace App - Your FREE Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscopes. Including Last Month and Next Month's. Patrick Arundell has had 16 Million views on YouTube. Enjoy his in-depth free videos.

  • Tom Jordan - Weekly Astrology Notes: weekly astrology report and studies in mundane astrology with an emphasis on political people and topics. Updates Sunday.

  • Wonder Girl Astrology - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Forecasts for each sign.

  • Your Astrology Signs - Monthly Astrology by Barbara Goldsmith.

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